domingo, 12 de abril de 2009


Even though I was not asked to "write" about Underground Poetry... I want to share this with you. Playground was written during the invasion of Iraq in 2003


Dark brown eyes
Scanning dusty tarmac

A boy on a swing

Head down
Mouth humming

A boy swinging intensely

Before dusk he must go
To his grandmother’s house
On the edge of the city

Alone on a swing
Thinking of a swing

A boy

His mother will stay home
She won’t go to the shelter
People here are afraid of shelters
They remember last time

The chains of the swing
They clank they creak
The boy’s head fills
With explosion

A boy on a swing

by Adrian Mitchell

1 comentario:

  1. Excelente poema, critica nuestro actual mundo, llegando a nuestros sentidos con la imagen de un niño contrastando con la guerra... aunque si lo pensamos bien en la guerra siempre se involucran los niños!