sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

(10) Medusa

This is a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago for my Poetry class. It's based on, inspired by, and dedicated to an extremely important person in my life (NOT Memo, just in case... lol). Naaahh seriously, I hope you like it. And as per you guys, well.. enjoy and comment.

You know that I knew, as it is well known
that by looking at your eyes, I’d be cast in stone.
Still I gawked at you, mythic beauty from the North,
‘cause for you I haven’t bled but the reddest blood.

Beneath my impatient being corroded your constant fire,
and your name echoed within as if sung by a choir.
For so long I counted down the hours for your return;
not one night went by that I didn’t feel your burn.

But now the serpents on your head have hidden your sight,
and you have frozen ice-cold both my love and I,
waiting, as you say, for Madame Fortune to call its bet;
waiting, as you say, hoping this love not to be dead.

And so we’re here, and our hearts have grown cold;
mine ‘cause of yours and yours ‘cause of… who knows?
And I can be neither your friend nor your enemy,
at the end I just hope that, as I love you, you love me.

we’ll wait...


3 comentarios:

  1. Diay! ¿Qué te diré, Nes? Cuando el poema sale del corazón y no de la mente le hace a uno sentir escalofríos. Cuando sale de la mente, uno siente lo brillante. Pero cuando sale del corazón y la mente juntos, es un "piece of work".

  2. Mae excelente poem... demasiado feeling... me llego... el IB escribe severo!!!

  3. Nex, me llegó... en serio, demasiado lindo. Definitivamente, lo escribiste con el corazón. Felicidades :)