viernes, 18 de junio de 2010


I don´t want to belong

To the oblivious black of space
Or the black of the imposing night sky.

To the tiring yellow of a desert
Or the yellowish greatness of sand storm.

To the rusty red of an old mountain
Or the reddish mystery of volcanoes.

To the pale white of a daily fog
Or the whitish calm of the clouds.

I prefer to be part
Of the prolific soil mixture
And the blending of the air alive,

Of the mosaic of the essential blood
And the amalgamation of an eternal soul.

Guillermo García García

4 comentarios:

  1. I'd rather be all,
    and nothing less,
    for I have seen
    what It is
    in the deep of all eyes.

    This has been so far the best one of yours.

  2. Thanks, good gentleman!

    I aprecciate your addition!

  3. Que habladera de paja, si van a comentar en ingles por lo menos escriban bien:


    con doble p!

  4. Mira, me equivoque... Seguro por la pantalla tactil. Gracias!