martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

“Dreams in Black”

“Black Star, Black Star, shine on me” –prays the dark man by the sea;

Sick and tired of only being the dirty black sheep in a dream.

Lost, deceived, alone, dismissed; endless pain –hurting knees.

Sacred rituals, forbidden bliss, carnal thoughts, an enslaving kiss.

Work and work eight days a week –give out your money to buy a seat.

The Promised Land you soon will see –you’ll find your place, you’ll be set free.

All sorrows will be left behind; you’ll sail across the whipping tide,

And with the morning blinding light, you’ll find yourself high and dry.

But there is time before you go, and there is time before time comes;

So let us work and then we’ll talk about the truths that you should know:

The white man boss won’t let you go, and that black man will not take you home;

Thus you should now let your dream go, and make believe this is your home.

“Black Star, Black Star, shine on me” –cries the dark man on his knees;

Sick and tired of always being the filthy black shit in his dream.

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