martes, 18 de agosto de 2009


I want to walk through you,

Hear your different voices,

Feel your warmth or coldness.

I want to see what you want to show;

Even though, I know that I can’t see

Through your eyes.

I want to understand, to learn,

And also create my own world.

I want to live each line,

Touch every symbol,

Be part of that message.

I just want to live in the poem.

Guillermo García G.

2 comentarios:

  1. Dude this is why Ezra Pound was fucking wrong!! you don't have to speak several languages to write a good poem! this is just a piece of art!! congrats!! keep on "poeming" lol i liked it a lot!! I really wanna live like a poem!

  2. I 'd love to live in a poem. I'd like to hear someone's voice, even if it's his wrath, just to know he is alive. I'd like to feel. I'd love to perceive the marvels, but oveall I do not want to undersand... I prefer by far to ignore this world's logics.. that's exactly the reason I'd love to live in a poem....

    Memo, I love this poem, I agree with Caruzo, poets don't have to speak 11 languages... keep on writing