domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011


I need colors because seeing so much blue can get me really tired.
Gotta decide if I want to release my pinkness first
or if I wanna give myself into the blues. And you,
you make it less easy, you make it harder.
You squeeze my feelings from that place I don't know,
but I feel what you do.
So what if it's true? I'm just human, am I not?
win-win? this is something we will never be,
as long as we're here.. our fate seems to be
It's true.
Colors cause the smell of purple seems to steal the sorrow away.
I wanna lose the fear of falling. the feeling of getting
caught in the greatness of the yellow and the green.
will that ever be real?
I like to think it will.
it will.

1 comentario:

  1. And what would happen if I surrendered and gave myself to colors?

    What if I try to see and paint colors that in the past never saw before?