viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Ars Blues

Listen to your own blues!

Press the strings,

Taste a key, a sound, an instrument!

Freedom o’ mind

Freedom o’ body!

Feel the frets,

Touch the reed

Enjoy the vibration!


Followin’ your own desire and rhythm,

Strummin’ your life and spirit,

Blowin’ through your soul.

Hear the bass,

In its grave sound, find peace!

Feel the hi-hat an’ invent your melody!

Look a’the music; look a’your soul!

Your voice with no rule,

No pattern,

No law…

Express what you want…

Just don’t lose the beat!

Guillermo García García

(Dedicated to that special person who spent her time

reading this poem with me, thank you!)

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  1. mae q excelente... I could feel it... nothing compares to playing music!!